Tomorrow May Never Be The Same   
Corny Held

We must go through our lives
On a road, once narrow, once wide
With an aim we don't know and we don't see
We don't know how long it is
Can't foresee its woe or bliss
We don't know where the end of it will be

Along our time we go
speeding fast or going slow
We are driven towards an unknown land
We must reach our final home
and we'll go there all alone
On a path, steep or straight or winding in bends

It is all we know for certain
It is all we know for sure
Sometimes there's no final curtain
Sometimes too much to endure
Then there's nothing else to long for
Nothing left that we might need
Maybe nothing to be strong for
Nowhere the old road will lead
Maybe pain and fear and sorrow,there's a way to flee tomorrow

So let the living mourn
When the dying are reborn
We can't live in a world that's not our own
Life is borrowed and is lent
And must be returned in the end
To the queens of eternity's mighty throne

See the beauties on the way, try to see them every day
For tomorrow we might no longer stay

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