Sing With Me   
Corny Held

In a frosty night in winter an old witch came riding along
She stopped her broomstick when she saw me and said: Girl, you're so wrong.
You're wearing golden bracelets cause your eyes no longer shine
and collect dead things around yourself so you got something you can call "mine".

and she said: Ride, ride with me ride, ride, ride along
She said: Ride, ride, and fly with me just for fun, like in a song.

In a rainy night in springtime a wise wizard came rining along
He stopped his horse when he saw me and said: you need to be strong.
You rely on what you're seeing you depend on what you need
But the ground on which you're standing It's a mirage, it'll soon be gone

and he said: Dance, dance with me dance, dance, dance along
he said: move your feet, dance with me just for fun, like in a song.
In a hot summernight in a sleepless dream the devil emerged from a cloud
He was the cutest guy I had evr seen he was charming and wise, no doubt
I just couldn't detest him, he was human at all and he made me feel good for a while
I enjoyed him around, and his gifts, and his time and his body - why shouldn't I?

and he said: Dive, dive with me dive, dive, dive along
dive deeper than all seas just for fun, like in a song

In a stormy night in a howling fall there was a knock upon the wind
Then I opened up my empty hall and a handsome young man came in
He said his name was Jesus and on his shoulder sat a white dove
and he handed me his bundle he gave me peace, and his love.

and he said: Sing, sing with me Sing, sing, sing along just for fun, sing a song.

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