Fairy Tales In A Christmassy Shop-Window   
Corny Held

I went down to the city - saw the people in the crowd
Illuminations so pretty, and the traffic so loud
Christmas is coming, and the folks are running
They're spending money to buy peace for just one day
It is cold in the air, and cold in their eyes
Maybe they are tired, some dissatisfied
Look into their faces, see no truth, see no lies
not the creatures in the window from a world which they deny.

and then I remember the days when I was a child
Winter rolling round slowly, snowflakes dancing wild
Smell of cookies in the kitchen, peace over the fields
In the homes to the candlelight frost had to yield
and the flute music mellow and the fires burning yellow
There was time for stories and passion and song,
Time that for good seems to have gone

and then you step into a fancy fairyland
Where silky flowers on the windowsills wave hello with their heads and hands
and the old houses smile at you with their framework eyes bent
Where a silly ugly dwarf courts a pretty young princess
and where evil is fought bravely till it falls in a well
and where stories of old are chirped by green finches
and you feel with those figures, feel the truth that they tell

and the tune of the Pied Piper is calling you aside
and you follow a miracle, in your heart you're a child
Not aware of a spell broken only ouside
There is something about it - it has got to do
with Cristmas time anyway, who dares say it ain't true
All tales may be right and are righteous and wise
and all things exist in this world, even lies.

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