Corny Held

All those hours - feel when they are passing
precious moments - we cannot see them move
But they won't return
Time's running quietly
It won't come back
You cannot store it
in a sack

All those long days - we didn't see they won't last
Endless seasons - fading away so soon
and they won't return
Stop living tomorrow
You won't catch it today
It is always ahead of you

What are we always running after
What do we really want to find
It'll be too late after leaving
so many useless hours behind

Wasting our time away by searching
Looking for what we do not lack
This very moment will be over in a second
Then there's no way to get it back

Life is a million of these moments
and they're all you ever really own
Don't let impatience take them from you
Follow the road that leads you home.

What do you want - what do you really want
Time will not return

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