Death Of A Dream Soloversion   

Well, the world ain't shattered,
but sure it ain't safe
All the winds are alert,
You just got to be brave
There are hate and suspicion
And maybe better ways
Is it faith or superstition
what it takes to be amazed?

One dream's killed,
but another was born,
and the devil a-dancin,
Gabriel blowing his horn
and the world keeps turning,
and the prophets don't care,
Which value is burning,
or if a man's bare.

All the fairies are hidden
in their flowers in spring
and if you ask Merlina
she won't tell you anything
all the drops in the ocean,
they are sad and they cry.
But the Lords of the darkness,
they enjoy their apple pie.

Your houses are high,
your falls are deep
your cars are fast,
but the bridges too steep
Good days tend to leave,
yet the beast is asleep
and the hope in the party
is powered by greed.

You try anything,
and you got luck.
You got everything,
and now you got stuck.
and the rails of your brain
don't lead far any more.
and your feelings are sold,
and your heart is a whore.

A room full of vigilance,
a stock full of fears,
and a little box of knowledge
and wisdom full of tears.
and the times aren't right
for paradise birds
each idea got his bride
and some got more than they deserve.

All the mermaids in the waves
they dive and they sink
the sirens stop singing
and the magic dragons shrink.
and the love and the promises
are laughing in the sky
and a little dog's howling
at the stars passing by.

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