Nothing Remains   
Corny Held

Time passes slowly or time passes fast.
Nothing remains, nothing can last.
Nothing remains, nothing's the same,
only change - round, round it turns
all the same

It's turning ...

Time is a wheel, able to drive,
it keeps rolling to carry you through that life.
Try not to care, just be aware
nothing remains. To the world
it's all the same

It's turning ...

Your trees, and bushes, and flowers, and weeds,
the creatures, and whatever they need,
like you and your things, your life, your aims,
your feelings, beliefs, your body, your name
pass all the same

It's turning ...

You can watch it, or you can use it,
you can try to make sense - in vain;
but in the end you will lose it
you will leave as you came, it ends
all the same

It's turning ....

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