Prophecies Encore (Solo-Version)   
Corny Held

You want to know what lies ahead
Will it be good or will it be bad?
About the future you'll find out
who with, where, when, why, what, and how?
You want to know

You want some prophecies? - You must be curious
You need some prophecies? - Are you really sure?
Do you love prophecies? - They might not bring you peace
You rely on prophecies? - to decide what you must do
You do want prophecies? - OK, it's your decision
They give you what you need

Give me a hint, give me a clue,
and we'll see what's in stock for you
It's easy to say and easy to see
If you want to know what's going to be

Look at the past, look at
Connect the dots and see the way
Look at yourself and look around
and you will see where you are bound
What will the future bring?

You want some prophecies? - Are you just nosy?
You need some prophecies? - You may not like them
Do you love prophecies? - Well, some are great
You rely on prophecies? - Do you expect any answers?
You do want prophecies? - OK, it's your decision
They give you what you need

Tell me your dreams, that'll be good
The past and your feelings and your present mood
Tell me your fears and your wishes, too
And we know which one will come true

What will you do with your fortune told
Will you change, or resign, or try to gain control
Be aware there's no way you can flee
Whatever you do - what'll be will be.
We want to know

We all want prophecies - That has always been so
We all need prophecies - Think of Nostradamus
We all love prophecies - Think of the oracle in Greece
We depend on prophecies - There are tarot cards
We ask for prophecies - And there's astrology
They give you what you need


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