Ghost Train   
Corny Held

Yeah, I wanna take a ride on the ghost train tonight
and get caught by the horror and get teased by the fright
So let's go to the fair, any time, I don't care
and just tell me where is the ghost train there?

Can be cheery when it's eerie, it is odd, or disgust
but an evil fascination, an addiction to mistrust.
vile monsters scream and moan and put their spells on everyone
they are wretched, sort of ridic, and their horror sort of fun

They want to
scare me
grab me
touch me
nab me
hold me but don't stab me

They try to
craze me
thrill me
bully me
unwill me
they chill me but don't kill me

Are keen to
and shock me
cheat me
mock me
deplete me but don't block me

There's a door they don't know what it's for, I can go
they stay, and they vanish anyway when I'm away.
Yeah, I wanna take a ride on the ghost train tonight
and get turned on by glitzy gloom & defied by shallow spite

The world is a ghost train, life is a ride
deluding your brain, creating spooks by your side
It is mazy, it is gambling, irritating or surprise
But it's great, it's a challenge, it is matchless, take a ride.

Take a ride, take a ride, come along, take a ride
Take delight in a sprite or a warlock, take a ride

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