Celebrate Life   
Corny Held

Watch the little birds when they fly around
Singing their songs high above the ground
They never worry what'll come the next day
And they don't care at all what others say

They are happy and just take five
and all they really have to do
is celebrate life

Celebrate life - every day
Celebrate life - every night
Celebrate life - on every way
all the time when time is present
it'll be all right
to celebrate life

Look at all the flowers in the summer breeze
nodding their heads to the dancing bees
they never worry if they might get picked
or eaten by a cow or maybe just kicked

they indulge in their time and just take five
and all they ever have to do
is celebrate life

So don't you worry all that precious time
about what you might lose and what you will find
What to eat or wear or do or how to make ends meet
trust in the world, it gives you what you need

So enjoy what what you got and just take five
And start right now, it's time
to celebrate life

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