Partng Gift   
Corny Held

Why are you calling me, why do you call
There's nothing left to say, we said it all
Your time, it ain't mine no more, Can't you leave me alone
Anyway it was not my fault, but what's gone must be gone

Why do you give me flowers? They insult me today
Showing me that you never understood what I say.
Or did you not believe that I meant it this way?
Or did you you just not listen? Feel I was betrayed.

Parting gift as a payment to a stranger in pain
Cannot make up for passions, I know they were in vain
Realized how you saw me, it ain't easy to face
I was always outside your world, there's reprisal in grace

I tried to help you where I could
I tried to give you what I had
But you have never understood
What I was aiming at

I cannot help it if you leave
and I don't care about your grief
How come you never understood
Now I have gonr for good

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