Corny Held

I know there is magic in the sunrise
I see the magic in the skies
There can be magic in a morning
Magic in a new love in spring
And in the songs the cute birds sing
And you see:
I got a magic ring

I just got to ask it and desire
Set the frozen hearts on fire
There must be magic ways of yearning
Tell your wishes And turn a ring
And all the world, it may start burning
And you know:
I got a magic ring

You got magic in the air
You got magic everywhere
You got magic in your fantasy
And it's magic in the waves at sea

And in a moment can be magic
And in a whisper there's magic
And in a soft hand can be magic
And in sadness there is magic
In a memory there's magic


Magic powers streaming
And there is magic in everything
In case you got a magic ring
And you see:
I got a magic ring.

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