Don't Tell Me You Love Me   
Corny Held

I thought that I loved you
but I'm no longer sure
For love seems so cruel,
so ready to injure.
Don't want to tie up your freedom
for the fear I could lose you
That you might please my power
to own you, or use you.

You tell me you love flowers
and you pick them and put them in vases

Don't you know they must hate you
Cause they will have to die
Don't suppose that they like it
just because they can't cry
Sure they may look pretty
and might bloom for a day
But you've killed them forever
for love this way.

You tell me you love birds
and you catch them and keep them in cages

Don't you know now they must hate you
'cause they would like to fly
Don't suppose they're happy
just because they don't cry
And if they got a chance
to escape from their prison
they would leave you forever
and your love was the reason.

Now I'm terrified of thinking
that you might tell me next you love me -

So Don't tell me you love me
It'll scare me if you do

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