Foggy Nights   
Corny Held

Foggy's the night
Cool the air
Eerie the light
there's noone to care

November is leaving
all trees are bare
all ghosts of winter
are already there

The creatures of frost
don't want to do harm
they bring rest and renewal
cold peace and white charm

they're just tools of time
now passing by slow
to show all things can come
and all things must go

They shadowless loom
and swirl in the gloom
They whisper of doom
in vein gloams of the moon

Muffled all noise
shrouded the sight
Sense what they sigh
trust in lore, it's all right

Winter is coming
carcassed the ease
surreal apparitions
meet for their feast

The dogs in their kennels
try to bite and they bark
but all they can nab
is the fog of the dark

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