Corny Held

Everybody's building walls everywhere
round themselves and the world and nobody cares
Nobody's looking out left or right
their blinders straighten their power of sight
Leaders and dreamers, societies and priests
have buried respect to satisfy their own needs

You are building walls around yourselves in your lives
and it makes you feel safer, it can make you feel all right
But you forgot the windows, you just cannot look outside
Walls around your loneliness for a place to hide

Built yourself a fortress for the values you ain't got
Store them in a cellar where they're getting damp and rot
Here or there a loophole where you fire out your grief
Castles without windows, everybody out of reach

You can't help vibrations penetrate the mightiest walls
Like the waves of echoes can tear down imprisoning halls
You can feel it coming, it's no threat, but you are scared
You don't want to be relieved, it'll be too much to dare.

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