If You Were   
Corny Held

Would you like to be a color,
Which one would you be?
Would it be dark and mysterios
Like a lake in the night
Or an ocean, feral and deep?
Would it be bright and sparkling
Like virgin snow in dawn,
Or in the sunlight the sea?
Would it be jarring and motley
Like a paradise bird
Or wild flowers dancing with glee?

Would you like to be a sound,
Which one would it
Would it be soft and soothing
Like in summer the sea
Or like thunder, ferocious and free?
Would it be music
Mild, mellow, and sweet
Or heavy and thrilling the beat?
Would it be nature or art
Like a song in the forest
Or even a great master's symphony?

You got your choice
It’s all up to you
You got the power
To decide
- What you are
What you want, what you do.
Think it over, and then
Pick the right

If you were what you are
Would it be what you’d like?
Would it match your ideas
Like a groom and a bride
And color the picture all right?
Would it meet what you need
Like a sound be in tune
And harmonize with your view?
Or would it just be phoney,
fake and mere façade,
Or really truly be you

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