Fly, Time, Fly   
Corny Held

I remember there was a garden
and a place for love to be
I remember a time without worries
Good and evil could meet in peace.
Life bid me: Take me easy!
I'll grow for you whatever you need
But I was young and foolish
and all these things meant nothing to me

Fly, time, fly
passing me by or taking me high
leave me behind, it'll all be all right
with no way and no schedule
and no reason why
Fly, time, fly

In a field down by the river
my love and I did stand
and on my yearning shoulder
moonlight laid ist cold white hand
Love bid me: Take me easy!
cause the world knows more than me
But I was young and foolish
with nothing I would agree

Now weeds grow in the garden
and love still haunts my brain
I'm older but not wiser
I'd do the same again
The world says: Take me easy!
but the wind is full of tears
You must remain young and foolish
or it all might disappear

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