Time Goes Back   
Corny Held

When the daylights fade - time goes back
When memories cast their shade - I feel I lack
What I've been missing ever since
And now I fear I might forget it

When satisfaction lies in being dissatisfied
It's good to know the waves around the good old days
Are only sleeping, until a storm
wakes them up again, & then

It'll blow out the brains of intelligent systems
It'll scatter all matters, it'll shrink every distance
It'll weigh all the evil, it'll heap up the stars
Only freedom escapes when kept behind bars

When the lights are low & time takes rest

It's good to say hello to a dear guest
considered dead and gone, but there he is
to make me see life can't be measured

It is getting late - there's another dream
Another date - another scream
Waking another world inside eternity
& outside minds or feelings

It'll batter your faith in intelligent systems
It'll shatter the glamour of virtual existence
It'll blow up the truth, it'll breathe out new life
It'll carry you back to make you survive

& the wave it'll drive, it can wash, it can drown
it is huge, it is mighty, takes you high, takes you down
There'll be nothing to stop it, no way to escape
No way to decide things, & no way to stay
You'll get carried away.......

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