Corny Held

All kinds of creatures that hide in the light
Come in the night, when it is dark
they are alive
First an idea then they are here
born of your mind

Manticores, elves, centaurs, and fairies of spite,
sylphids, mermen, and unicorns,
dragons and sprites
Whatever you can imagine
may give life to your nights

All kinds of creatures that hide in your mind
Come in the night, dance in your world
in the moonlight
First an idea, then they are here
they come to life

Werewolves and dragonfish, monsters and rocs
pegasus and shadowshapes,
and phoenixes and toads
Whatever you can think of
may be part of your ghosts

They hide in the gloom, they pretend, they're not real
Yet their mystery's there to revealwhat you feel
intangible like wind,
you can hear what they sing
lucid like lyrics, strange visions they bring

insatiable like fire, consuming your eve
till the witch of the morning tells them to leave
Noone knows where they go then,
which fortunes they weave
before you must arouse them, only you set them free

All kinds of creatures, invisible sights
Come in the night,, ride on your mind,
unfold their might
First an idea, then they are here
see what you find

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