Corny Held

You made me feel so brandnew, so unreal
You made me feel what I am
You made me strong, made my summer nights long
I got you, you're my muse, you're my song

You made me know, made me glow, made me show
You made me shine in the dark
You got the ways, put your spell on my days
I got you, you're my island, my ark

Early this morning - I had a nightmare
thought you were missing - where are you, where?

You are my light, made my future look bright
(So) come what may, let it come soon
I foresee what will be, you're my sun & my moon
You're my crystal ball, you are my rune

You made me week, made me no longer seek
You wouldn't cheat what you did
You wouldn't care to be rude, to be meek
You are different, you're mine, you're unique

You made me feel there is power of will
You made me follow my heart
You drive out harm, made my winter days warm
It'll never end, it'll just start

I forgot what it was like when you weren't around
& I cannot imagine I might lose what I found

Cause you made me new, made my old dreams come true
It must be magic you do
You are my life, you're my bliss & my blues
My eternity - since I got you
I got you, Babe, yes I got you

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