Love's Lullaby   
Corny Held

In moments of happiness, in moments of peace
World becomes a resting place & sings songs of ease

Love's waiting for you
Love makes it come true

There's no room for ugliness, feel no harm around
No meaning ambiguous, power of words bound

Why don't we know, why don't we know,
Why don't we know, how to find it

Where do we go, where do we go
follow the power behind it
where do you think you will find it
How do you think it will show?

Love's waiting for you -

Love makes it come true
Why can't we all -
why can't we follow it

Love's waiting for you
Where do we hear -
Love's lullaby

Love's waiting for you
Why can't we all try to find it

In pictures of harmony lies eternity
lullaby for refugees, pleasing to agree
Find comfort in listening to lullabies of love
Whenever raised by tender breezes from above
On rays of strange origin soaring like a dove

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