Life Is A Stream   
Corny Held

Sometimes all thoughts - they have ended to turn
time's dripping out of the stars
Dreams falling down from the trees and they burn
lights into the dark

First there's a blind man, he just doesn't see
Then there's a wise man, he falls
Then there's a wish to show how it could be
But the world's gonna shatter them all.

Wounds get invisible, but yet they last
So many hours, maybe never passed
Love is a vision God put behind bars
It is so far, it's too far

Nothing remains, and the wind's blowing cold
Life is not more than a breath
What's become new, it is really so old
that the earth had to forget

Then understand things you had never known
Life is a stream, never tame
Only in rest can eternity grow,
Something forever the same.

So many things become visible then
So many ways can be trodden again
So much is destroyed that has never been made
So many ages do fade

There is a gate to a different age
to a stream that'll drive us with might and rage
& those waves, they can cause the world to change
Yesterday's over today

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