Snow Queen (without band)   
Corny Held

She was wearing metal earrings and her eyes, they were all ice
Icicles were in her hair, her dress was long and white
So cool she was, her body and her heart were made of snow
Her beauty so deep frozen that it never seemed to go.

And she was sparkling, when she danced on ice
Sparkling - in the pale winter sunlight
Sparkling, through the falling snow
sparkling - in the winter moonglow
Sparkling -
She was his queen, the snow queen of his dream

She lived inside a castle, the northwind blowing through
with translucent walls in pale light blue
Before the ice-flowered windows dark world in white got lost
Her wishes of snow crystals, her soul it was all frost.

And she was sparkling, when she danced on ice ?.

He decided to go anywhere to find her there
Where is was and how he should, he didn't even care
His love deep and longing, his heart was all aglow
He knew that he would make it, and he wasn't scared of snow.

One day he really saw her, so great was his desire
he fell in love at once, she set his soul on fire
But warmth was not her world, she started melting in the heat
And soon became a water pool around his feet.
the castle put the fire out as it came on dripping down
He felt like screaming and he frowned, but quickly he got drowned
And all you see there now is a mighty iceberg on the ground
Mysteriously gleaming blue with iceworks all around

and it is sparkling in the dance of snow
it is sparkling in the winter moonglow
sparkling - in the starry nights
sparkling - like the queen of ice

And she was sparkling, when she danced on ice

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