Corny Held

See the world in a mirror
Like I'm standing otside
When I look in the twilight sky
full of shadows, full of mystics, it's so high

There are hundreds of watching eyes
Moisture veiling their light
I can see through them what I like
clouds are driven shapes of water, blue & white

Hear the wind like a promise, I want it to be true
But it might be a lie like the ones that I knew

Why can I not believe my eyes
moaning winds mock my tunes
Can I trust in their minstrelsy
is it real, is it true identity?

See all things in a mirror
Fumes of figures I met
Fugitives from mere images
so illusive they can't haunt me with deceit

Twilight full of reflections
through the eyes of the sky
so familiar it's driving home
an ideal, it's an idyll, just a lie

Had to rely on some outlines,
dawn had made them complete
Now I fill in the features the way that I need

Fantasy is a mirror
Truth is only a word
Never wait for reality
Life is only what you want it to be
Life ain't no more than it just seems to be.

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