Corny Held

I know a lady, she got no age
She's looking young & old in a way
has dinner at midnight, breakfast at noon
She can talk with the trees
& make love with the moon

She'll have time for rest in eternity

Nighttime is her time, she doesn't sleep
She laughs when she wants,
when she's sad she can weep
Life is too short to drowse it away
& she can always dream in the day

She can do magic, you are spellbound
her hair can turn red, & then yellow or brown
She loves everybody & doesn't ask why
she can make things happen,
she's living on life

She can't explain the thoughts she's led by
Some inner voice tells her how to decide
& she will not have to justify
years full of lies on the day she will die

Happiness can make you sleep well at night
But she wants trouble to fill her life
Gaining experience, she likes her luck rough
eternal peace will come early enough

For how can you judge
what you hadn't lived through
emotions that have never been inside you
She understands there is more than one mood
she never cares about evil or good

I know a lady, she needs no age
years aren't numbers, aims aren't ways
My lady isn't waiting for chance
where she got in, she'll get out again

She'll have time for rest in eternity

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