When The Sun Rains Down   
Corny Held

When the sun rains down it burns the ground

Let the rain rain down and soothe it with ist coolness
and make old seeds grow
Let the winds of winter blow it full of snow
and make it rest and glow
And in spring again when ices melt
its magic shows, I think you know

Whenever hate rains down the world is drowned

Let the tears stream down and configure it with magic
and make love grow
Let the storms of passion cover it with coal
and lite your soul
Let the lights of midnight vaporize its steam
you know what I mean

Rain will fall to make things grow
Storms will blow to lite your soul
ice will melt and life will show
changes are to come and go

Let the rain soothe burns and cry with you
and make life grow
let passion lite the ground around
and warm your soul
let the ice then melt to stream and steam
You know what I mean

Rain - make love grow
Love - lite our soul
ice - melt and go
sun - rain down
soothe it

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