Corny Held

The lady of the river
her eyes were green
her hair was blue
and her skin aquamarine
She was wearing pearls and silver on her hands
I think she was a mermaid
but she could dance.

She was a queen and she let her hair float
around her shoulders and around my boat
Her streamline body
sparkling bright
whe she moved along the waves in the pale moonlight

One day at noon
she was singing a song
when the lord of the ocean
came along
He looked like her
except that he was male
with his watery shine and his fishy tail.

And that's the way it is meant to be
He fell in love with her
and he took her to the sea
Never again
I have seen them here
When the moon would dance on waves
I felt she's near

Lady of the river
dance with me
Lady of the river
cold and sweet

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