Soft Summer Rain   
Corny Held

Look out of my window - the sky comes floating down
It is just a warm, grey day in May
Radioactive fallout is washed into the ground
A warning we should hove learned from yesterday

They say we can't afford it to try out something new
Ask again: When will they ever learn?

They cannot eat profit and poison our food
Ask again what they've done to the rain

Human life has limits in reality
You can't tell the future in advance
Only four dimensions of which you know but three
Don't give chance another deadly chance

Ch.: They said it was progress, they said is was safe
And they said they had been founding civilization in this way
They forgot they weren't perfect, that they. too, could make mistakes
Now they're building death a cradle, just a coffin full of waste
And it looks just like a little soft summer rain

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