See You Tonight   
Corny Held

The world is drowning in the misty fields
Lights are floating on the river
The sky above is crimson and unreal
A breeze is singing, willows shiver
& then a vision creeps into my mind
& makes me see what's gonna be -
I know I want it
I want to see you tonight

And then a mood is crawling over me
I feel my goosebumps to the soles of my feet
It's not a dream, I know it's gonna be
The time when elves and reason meet
There is a fire in the sky above
It lights my soul, it's flashing love
& I surrender -
Want to be with you tonight

& there is life in everything around
& there is life in every moment
& there is life in all the sparkling sounds
& there is life, ist own endowment
Forgot my worries, it is life I found
& all the shadows lead the way - I am coming

Just let me be with you tonight
I want to see you tonight
Want to be with you tonight
I long to see you tonight
Gonna be with you tonight
I'm gonna see you tonight

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