Like A Leaf In The Wind   
Corny Held

Love is like a leaf in the wind
It might get blown away
Falling from the tree where it grew
And it never knows where it may stay.
Love is like a beam of light
It might cast shade or blind
Like a wizard it makes mountains move
And it can turn water into wine.

Love is like a snowflake so nice
Just handle it with care
If can melt in heat or turn into ice
Or Just vanish into the air.
Love is like a bird on the roof
It can fly above the ground
And then it might come back or leave
And it might turn the world around.

Love is like a beggar in the street
A searching life he leads
But he feels at home where he can meet
A tiny bit of what he needs-
Love is like a painting of art
A million points of view
Like a rainbow in the dork
And it cannot grow old, only new.
You may find it in the alley where the ragged people are
And it feels good when it hovers to the moonlight and the stars
Doesn't ask where it is welcome, doesn't care where it may be
And it never minds a thing, it's only free
Like a leaf in the wind.

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