Time Is A River   
Corny Held

Tell me what will the new year bring, will it be just pain and sorrow?

Tell me if it's joy and love. What is going to be tomorrow?

Tell me what'll the future bring, our present is just borrowed.

Summer will come after spring. Tell me what will be tomorrow.

Time is a river, it carries me along

Hear the fish in the water sing me a song.

Years can be oceans, and a season is a lake

Deep or shallow, rough or mellow, anything to take.

Flowers are blooming in the snow, there's harmony in thunder.

Wine and wisdom make them grow in the grey clouds and down under.

I don't care what the season is as long as I'm one with it,

First or last don't make sense in a timeless world, let's have it all at once.

Wintertime lover, will you be here in spring?

Will the lark in the meadow carry a ring?

Summertime lover, will you be here in fall?

Late or early have no meaning, let's Just have it all.

Good night, sleep well, winter tale, meet you in the morning.

Next time we are born again, lulled to dreaming of summer,

Told by raindrops on the roof, sung by storms and fairies:

Pale is your ice and you fake delight and your crystal spirit's feeble.

Tender your power, power of words told,

Resting on bridges over the cold.

Sleep well, you nightmares, power of chains In trance -

See the daylight in the night, all the elves wake up and dance.

Ride on spring's humming till it'll change its tune

Leave out what is coming, it's coming too soon.

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