Words Can Kill   
Corny Held

You are so careless when you speak
A spoken word is like a bird
rt won't return once if it's released
And a word, it can kill. a word, it can hurt.

Scars on the soul cannot be seen
Don't treat me like a piece of dirt
Why do you say what you don't mean?
Yes, a word, it can kill, a word, it can hurt,

You know how to use words as weapons
But a target ain't always around
It's all right, it makes you feel better
And you don't give a damn how it sounds

You don't have to insult me
And I don't wont you to lie
It's the way you are talking
That makes me want to cry
Words can also be soft and gentle
Words can be remedies
Words, they can kill a feeling
Words can mean war or peace
And they can be sharp, and heartless, and shooting
And like enemies

And a word, it can kill, a word It can hurt.

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