(Info: The song is over 13 minutes long and contains three long soli, which were shortened for the demo-clip.)

(Info: Der Song ist �ber 13 min lang und enth�lt 3 lange Soli, Demo-Clip stark gek�rzt.)

I don't know what I love
But I know what I hate
It's never too early
And never too late
To think about what to think
Think about what to think

You want much money?
I don't want that
You like having big dinners
It'll make you too fat
You want a new car?
Can't be important
You like travelling far?
Don't think that's what I want.

You want to be rich?
It's not what I wait for
You like to be lazy?
Can't be what I work for
You want a big house?
I don't need that
You'd like to raise a bunch of kids?
It might not be too bad.

You want a color TV?
Doesn't mean a thing to me
You like buying things?
Can't satify me
You want to call them your own?
No point I can see
You like sitting at home?
I don't think you are free

You want to be happy?
I don't think you know the way
You like to believe
what the others say
You want confidence
But it doesn't make sense
Cause you cannot rely
on yourself nor your friends

You say you want life
You don't know what it means
You say you want love
but don't mnow what it is
You like echoing things
which you have been told
You imagine feelins
but your heart is so cold

You say you want rights
I wonder why
You say you want a future
It'll soon be gone by
You like being good
I'm not in the right mood
You want to buy safety
the same way you buy food

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