Fake It   

Reality is not for you
Dream on, your dream may then come true
and ask it what you are to do
when timelessness comes by

The addicts always got their aim
The priests have gods with lots of names
But limits cannot be the same
when freedom limits life

Your lady with her lifted face,
Her love is second-hand,
no longer knows what to ebrace
She wants a plastic man

It's speed you take for quality
and stress is your success
and gaude screams out convincingly
while silence rests in death

The blackberries, they shouldn't grow
thorns in your concrete house, I know
You loved them in your pudding though-
delicious, clean, and small

Words used to be demons' villages
But empty homes decay like privileges
and to fill just a shape with images
means life to ruined walls

Eternity has become short
It lasts a movie-scene
The universe was made to fit
upon a TV-screen

They kill someone, they fight for fun
and they conserve the bore
and everything's become a deal,
and happiness a whore.

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