It Don't Matter At All   

Down in the brain rests a pain
And I wonder when I feel it again
It feels like rain washing down the drain
But the stains remain & the memories are in vain

It could be for you, it could be untrue
And it couln't be new at all
And it sticks like glue, all the world is blue
It's the kind of brew to drown in

Up in the sky there's a lullaby
And I wonder why it could fly so high
I can hear it cry kind of faint and shy
But as time goes by it remains an alibi.

It could be for joy, it could be a toy
and it couldn't be coy at all
& it seems so far, like a fading star
But it left a scar on daylight

& it don't really matter if you're high or low
if you stay or go, or whatever you know
& it don't really matter, you can drown or be
like the wind so free, or at the bottom of the sea

& it don't really matter, who should care
if you're here or there, or maybe nowhere
& it don't really matter if you rise or fall
if you're tiny or tall, or a concrete wall
or a Barbie-doll, or a poor man's call
it don't matter - at all.

It don't really matter, it don't matter at all

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