Moonrise Bandversion   
Corny Held

Moon rises over the forest,
moon rises over the town
Moon flying white horses
moonlight is pouring down - like milk
Moonlight is all around
Keeps dripping on the ground
All things begin to float
Drowse - daytime in a boat
And it's dripping from trees
and dancing on seas
and streaming over meadows
creating beautiful shadows,

Strange voices out of water,
strange voices in the wind
Strange features, night's daughters
mild creatures, songs they sing - like silk
Knowing a lullaby
breathe veils around the sky
sounds drizzling out silence
trying to drown violence
they know what rest is,
they can give peace,
and they don't disturb a lover
and offer wonderers cover.

They can as well flood wisdom with tears
Those they don't like
will only sense fright and fears -
It's dangerous - rapturous - treacherous

Moon rises over the forest
mild mellow over the town
Narcotic resources
spilt moonlight pouring down - like milk.

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