only 1,00 € per song,

with any 12 songs you can choose: only 13,00 €
Other CDs as offered

within Germany: 1.99 €
other countries: 8.99 €

Payment of CDs:
PayPal or on account

Payment of Downloads:

You can:
listen to Democlips
read the lyrics (click Details)
Download songs,
create CDs yourself,
of course buy a normal CD, too,
send a song-clip along with a greeting card

This is how it works:
Select a style or a band or both, and click on Songs or CDs and read the list with songs that match your ideas. Click on the title to listen to a short demo-clip. If you want to get the song, click the little CD with the arrow next to it. Finished? Then decide if you want a CD with the songs or download them straight away, for which you'll need PayPal. Clicking the CD also shows you what you have selected
* onCD *
The sound will be a bit better if you have a CD made. Downloads are MP3s.
You can determine what your unique personal CD shall look like: Select or upload a booklet-picture, create a title for die CD and enter it, and decide upon the order of the songs.
For obvious reasons custom-made CDs cannot be returned.
By the way :
With a download you'll get a voucher you can redeem the next time you create an individual CD.