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2.) Song 165: Es freit ein wilder Wassermann (Alruna)
3.) Song 165"and(select*from(select+sleep(0))a/**/union/**/select+1)=": Es freit ein wilder Wassermann (Alruna)
4.) Song 165"and(select*from(select+sleep(2))a/**/union/**/select+1)=": Es freit ein wilder Wassermann (Alruna)
5.) Song 165/**/and(select+1/**/from/**/pg_sleep(0))>0/**/: Es freit ein wilder Wassermann (Alruna)
6.) Song 165/**/and(select+1/**/from/**/pg_sleep(2))>0/**/: Es freit ein wilder Wassermann (Alruna)
7.) Song 296: Time Goes Back (Corny Held)
8.) Song 284: The Gypsy (Corny Held)
9.) Song 50: Lifetime (Corny Held)
10.) Song 47: Rain In Spring (Corny Held)
11.) Song 216: Fly, Time (without band) (Corny Held)
12.) Song 301: Scarborough Fair (Corny Held)
13.) Song 31: An October Sunday (Corny Held)
15.) Song 27: Differences (Alruna)

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