Good To Be Tough von: Corny Held.

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Good To Be Tough

* * *
There's so much uneasiness
and tension in the air
Nobody gets enough
Nobody cares

Noone is satisfied
They want more
for some their God's called money
and success their holy whore

Their value exploitation
destruction on the way
greed the motor, power the aim,
the earth will lose this frayv
Too many rock the boat
Life is getting rough
in times like these
it's good to be tough

There's a lot of agression
and war is everywhere
The time's getting rough
Nobody cares

Their value boundless avarice
recklessness the way
they sacrifice creation
noone can win this fray

Dancing on the edge
of an abyss that swallows all
consume the ground and get sucked in
and end in endless fall